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The fundamental purpose of this website is to redefine mainstream patriotism. That’s the mission statement.

We have found that, perhaps unsurprisingly given the divisive nature of current political discourse, the true meaning of patriotism has become clouded. More worryingly, it has become almost a ‘dirty’ concept. This website aims to exist as a direct defence of patriotism, and to specifically frame analysis of current affairs in a liberal and patriotic context.

We are quickly approaching a pivotal period in the history of our nation and that of the world beyond. From the escalation of geopolitical tension around the globe, the very real threat of nuclear war, or the challenges and opportunities presented by Brexit, humankind now faces some very unique trials ahead. Yet we also stand firmly on the brink of extraordinary feats of wonder and discovery.

There has perhaps never been a more critical time for the promotion of new ideas, and the determination to ensure the preservation of liberty.

In short, that’s why The Liberal Patriot exists.

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